From Computer To Head

by Ca Va (band)

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released January 10, 2012

Produced by Adam Friend
Art by Luke Kidd
Design by Grace Stevenson
Recorded at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University



all rights reserved


Ca Va (band) Brisbane, Australia

Ca Va met as students in a stuffy jazz department in Brisbane. While the other kids turned their noses up at the bright groove-pop tunes floating down the corridors, the four piece hid away, self-producing their first EP.

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Track Name: Water Rising
Golden veils
Sun and shade
Here we are, in the middle

Silent stare
laugh that makes me,
Who am I to see it?

Come as you are
come as you are
save all your heart
for a minute

Come as you are
making your mark
making your mark
for a minute
I said you could be, so be.

Mountain stands
High above us
something greater to behold

Wind is strong
water rises
I’m still standing

I said you could be, so be
I said you could be, so be
I said you could be, so be
I said you could be, so be
Track Name: Bricks and Mortar
Are you ever gonna take it higher?
You’re still waiting for that ticket to somewhere
buying time with all your good connections
Sideline’s calling out the name of your dead ends

Making friends with bricks and mortar
Pictures made with sand and water
Taking time to bend the others
You’re a winner

I am never gonna see
I’m never gonna see
I’m never gonna see right through you

I will hold out as long as I can
I know you’re slipping right through my hands
You know we’re living in the two dimension
Drink to life and love and good intentions

I want change and you want freedom
The poor are poor, I hate to see it
Invent a self that they will love
but no one will know

You cannot see it, you cannot.
Track Name: Keeping Up Appearances
Off with the moments, off with the dangers
let’s run out chasing all we can take and
we are just pretending
we are just pretending

Into the questions, we’ll run to find them
hold out your offering, I’m sure to try it
I can feel we’re falling
I can feel we’re

You go so fast
I am running but I’ll never keep it
Sound it out
I know you’re feeling
Breathe it down
Just wanted to hold you closer
Drown you out with words

Cutting the corners, cutting your graces
all of the people line up to take it
Tripping on the wire
Tripping on the

Have you forgotten how much I do?
Have you forgotten how much you do?
You still can't believe it's what it's come to
Oh have you forgotten how much I do
Track Name: Rooms
We built the shadows on our wall
to watch them crumble, and leave us with no more
They cry, man overboard
Don’t leave anyone behind

Count all the windows and the lights
to replace the stars in the night sky
they cry, man overboard
Don’t leave anyone behind


I can see the fire
in the night
and you’re running
For your life

They cry, man overboard
don’t leave anyone behind

They cry man overboard,
don’t leave anyone behind